Collection: Oh, My Goodness!

A two-woman powerhouse with vastly different backgrounds in so many creative facets have come together to create “Oh, My Goodness!”. Usually used as an expression of surprise this duo will no doubt surprise but more so share the goodness that is theirs. 

Join us for the vernissage on Wednesday, 24 August at BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie, 18 Bell Street, Windhoek @ 18:00 for 18:30 to discover a collection of authentic artworks and ceramics by Heidi Louw and E-Tunga Studio that promises to surprise. 

Both extremely authentic, humble and preferably “behind the scenes” individuals have the ability through their creative expression to give us insight to a world that is raw, real and pretention free. 

Heidi Louw lives to paint, art is in her genes. The stories of her artworks are music to the eyes where expressions and situations waltz around the canvas accompanied by a chorus of exceptionally rare colour combinations and compositions. Her portraits are candid and real whilst the still lives ooze serenity. Each artworks leaves the onlooker curiously intrigued.

Enter E-Tunga Studios headed by the creative hands and mastermind of Elisia Nghidishange. Well-known and awarded as a mixed media sculptor and printmaker, Elisia opened E-Tunga Studios in Eemeuxu in December 2021. In this exhibition Elisa is returning to her roots of pottery by exploring product development and designing for E-Tunga Studio. By pushing the boat of traditional colours, shapes and patterns into unexplored contemporary waters E-Tunga Studio’s values are to incorporate, improvise and innovate. Through the use of texture, the objects are down to earth, raw and real. 

This is why the collaboration with Heidi is so imminent. E-Tunga Studio’s design signature is also no shiny happy people, no bubble gum smiles and no fuss and therefore perfectly complements Heidi’s artistic vocabulary. 

The exhibition runs from Wednesday, 24 August to Saturday, 8 October.