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Rhythms of the Womb

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Marcii Magson

Title: Rhythms of the Womb

Size: 1510 mm x 1980 mm

Weight: 9,5kg

Medium: Swakara Wool

Carpet weaved by: Salomon Hipopile Moombola; Karakulia Weavers, Swakopmund

Price: 21.600 NAD

Edition 1/10

Marcii Magson (Founder Atelier 7881, Windhoek;

Title of carpet: Rhythms of the Womb

Aware of the significance of carpets due to having been gifted a couple on very special occasions, Marcii approached the design of her carpet with a reverence for ritual, ceremony and significant moments in life. 

“I imagined rolling myself up inside a carpet, imagining the feeling and it reminded me of the intense and full feeling of being pregnant with my daughter, Freya. It was the most special experience of my life. I wanted to weave that feeling into the design.”