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Michael Chandler

Title: Serpent

Size: 1510 mm x 1980 mm

Weight: 9,5kg

Medium: Swakara Wool

Carpet weaved by: Stella Yvonne Uiras; Karakulia Weavers, Swakopmund

Price: 21.600 NAD

Edition 1/10

Michael Chandler (Founder Chandler House, Cape Town;

Title of carpet: Serpent

Best known for his design of blue and white ceramics, Chandler House store owner Michael Chandler was intrigued to exercise a new muscle in his artistic mind. His design of a large snake in black and white is completely different from his usual signature style and the result is playful and fun, yet still a striking, graphic design. 

“Nature, because of Namibia. The snake design spreads a pattern over the surface, with the stripes speaking to each other. I think it adds a bit of danger to a space, a bit of zest, like lemon to lamb.” Micheal is not one for over-analyzing art. “What do you need to know more than do you like it or not? I like to keep it simple, joyful and whimsical. Not all art needs to change the world. It can sometimes change a room and that is enough.”