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Swakop se klippies

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Tina Basson

Title: Swakop se klippies

Size: 1480 mm x 2140 mm

Weight: 9,5kg

Medium: Swakara Wool

Carpet weaved by: Salomon Hipopile Moombola; Karakulia Weavers, Swakopmund

Price: 21.600 NAD

Edition 1/10

Tina Basson (Founder of Martina Margarethe Illustration Windhoek;

Title of carpet: Swakop se klippies

“Picking up rocks on the beach is a tactile but also meditative experience for me. I think the Namibian coast presents the most beautiful natural colour palette. My design is a local story of foraging along the coastline. It speaks of childhood memories, sentiment and nostalgia. My art is always a reflection of my faith, through which I hope to bring joy and happiness.