Discover the transformative power of art at BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie. Our latest exhibition, HEALING HANDS, features the evocative works of Marelize van Staden and Kudzanai Katerere. This exhibition explores the profound journey from grief to love, showcasing how creation can mend the mind, body, and soul.

Kudzanai Katerere, a celebrated Zimbabwean sculptor, finds healing through the patient art of stone sculpting. Mentored by the renowned Dorte Berner, his works reflect the enduring pursuit of love, blending rough, unfinished surfaces with smooth, rounded edges.

Marelize van Staden channels her personal loss into stunning lino prints, incorporating gold leaf to symbolize hope and renewal. Her intricate carvings reveal the beauty in scars and the strength found in healing.

The exhibition opens on 6 June at 18:00 and runs until 29 June 2024

View Exhibition Catalogue here