A melancholic love letter to Namibia 

Experience the enchanting tribute to Namibia with "Timeless Tapestry". This curated showcase features thirteen international artists,designers and Design Studios that are Amy Ayanda, ANHA, Cara Saven, David Ross, Gregg Price, John Bauer, Lucie De Moyencourt, Marilila Kyrtata, Marlene Neumann, Micheal Chandler, Renee Rossouw, SomethingGood Studio and WANDERLAND, weaving a poignant love letter to Namibia through diverse mediums.

From David Ross's gravity-defying mobiles to Renee Rossouw's wooden depictions, each artist offers a unique perspective on Namibia. Michael Chandler's oil paintings and Cara Saven's contemporary table linen contribute to the narrative, sparking conversations around shared tables.

"Timeless Tapestry" celebrates Namibia's multifaceted allure, urging viewers to rediscover the captivating details often overlooked. Lucie De Moyencourt's ceramic shell art provides an aerial perspective of the geological wonders. From February 15 to April 13, join us in exploring the rich tapestry of Namibia, fostering accomplishment rooted in our own stories and soil, growing outward in tandem with the stability found within.

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