The BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie is a space of beauty and creativity, situated in the historic architectural Grüner Kranz complex in Bell Street, Windhoek. 
Founded by Marcii Magson and Andrea Behnsen, the BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie is  a “working gallery” where artists and art lovers are welcome to visit, spend time, exchange ideas and have inspired conversations with like-minded people -  a sanctuary for soul and senses. 
Without pretence or exclusivity, BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie is simply a celebration of aesthetic awareness and the healing properties of art, both for the artist and the appreciator of art in all its forms.
Built in 1906, the BELLHAUS was home and atelier to the late Namibian landscape painter Herbert Diener, born in Grootfontein in 1914.
More than a hundred years later, Diener’s house and art atelier where he spent his life capturing what he called “the mood” of the Namibian landscape in watercolour paint, has been restored to serve as a home and atelier for lovers of art and beauty, to capture their own inspiration.
Patrons of the BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie can enjoy contemporary exhibitions from Namibia and abroad, ranging from visual art and design to anything and everything that pleases the eye and the heart.
BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie wants to invite you to come in, make yourself at home and befriend the muses to remember why we are and what makes us feel alive. 


The vision for BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie as a “working gallery” was to create a milieu where artists and creative individuals from all disciplines can interact and work together to showcase art, design, creativity and general wellness in innovative ways.
More than just a stage for exhibitions, BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie wants to be an inviting home where artists, art lovers and everybody with a need for beauty can visit to restore their souls and senses and harness the therapeutic value of art and creative energy.
In addition to wellbeing, BELLHAUS Atelier & Galerie also wants to contribute to a culture of dialogue and collaboration where artists can influence one another and
By fostering a culture of curiosity, play, and engagement through visual arts and curated experiences, the Bellhaus hopes to inspire dialogue, artistic collaboration and productive exchange of skills and ideas whilst building a supportive community.
Artistically curated experiences that patrons can look forward to include Yoga in the gallery with The Movement Program, Supper Club, Outdoor Cinema in the Courtyard, Art Classes and more.